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Discover the value of your business 

in days, rather than months,

without the lofty fees.

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My Business Valuator is a proprietary-developed and tested software designed specifically to provide a value of your company at a rock-bottom price while requiring only minutes of your time. 




Gather three years of historical financial statements or business tax returns.



Click the "Buy Now" button below, pay the $600 fee, and you'll receive an email with a link to complete the online

My Business Valuator Questionnaire



Complete the online questionnaire and submit your answers.

Within 72 hours you'll receive a customized report specific to your business that walks through your company's key financial metrics and how your firm compares to its industry, along with a value estimate and value range of what your company is worth.



Balance Sheet ratios and trend analysis
Income Statement ratios and trend analysis
Balance Sheet ratios relative to your company's industry, providing key insight into how well you're managing your company's capital structure compared to your competition
Performance ratios compared to your industry, providing critical information as to how well your growth and expenses compare to your competitors
Industry growth forecasts to help you determine whether your projections are overly optimistic or if you're missing out on potential opportunities
A predicted value range and value estimate using both an income approach and a market approach
A Justification for Purchase Test to illustrate the reasonableness of the estimated value using a real-world scenario analysis
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculation and implied valuation multiples


Who is My Business Valuator for? 
  • Business owners who want a general estimate of their firm's value

  • General planning purposes

  • Owners who can reasonably estimate growth and expense forecasts for the next few years

Who is My Business Valuator not for?
  • Gift & Estate Tax, ESOP, Divorce, DOL, IRS, SBA, or government-regulated purposes

  • Shareholder buy-outs, buy-ins, or the sole basis of value for a transaction

  • Franchises

  • Biotech, pharmaceutical, and start-up companies

  • Law firms

  • Most medical practices

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